Jade in British Columbia is of the Nephrite variety and is found abundantly in the Cassiar/Dease Lake, Mt. Ogden and Bridge River region.

Since the 2008 Beijing Olympics Nephrite Jade has seen a resurgence in demand from Chinese consumers.Global Gem grade Nephrite demand now estimated at over 800t per year, a 400% increase from pre-2008, a trend that is expected to continue moving forward.

Jade in BC is mainly mined in two regions in BC, Cassiar and Dease Lake.

Boulder Creek Mining Camp

  • Cassiar Jade is mined in placer operations around Jade City and from the pre-existing former Cassiar asbestos mine pit. 
  • Cassiar Jade has a distinct dark green look with apple green chromium inclusions often found throughout. 
  • The Dease Lake region is home to multiple Jade mines including the well know Polar, Kutcho and King mine. 
  • Placer Jade and Gold mining has been seasonally active in this region for over 40 years and it represents over 90% of the Jade mined in BC each year