The Company

Electra Stone Ltd. is a publicly traded junior mining company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our focus is on the international growth and development of the maturing Nephrite Jade market in British Columbia into undeveloped markets within China. To do this Electra is building a vertically integrated Jade mining, trading & marketing Platform. Each of Electra’s three business segments will address inefficiencies, opportunities and weaknesses in the current British Columbia Nephrite Jade industry. Through our multi-tiered approach we aim to provide a more efficient and transparent supply of nephrite to a larger audience of demand by way of direct sales and marketing to purchasers in China. Through this model we hope to capture the maximum value for shareholders possible in the growing BC Jade sector.

Our Strategy

Is to focus on increasing shareholder value by being innovative, opportunistic, diverse and cost-efficient. As we grow, so will our team of experts bringing experience and background to Electra. We have unlimited shares authorized.

Our Ethical Values

Electra acknowledges the arboriginal rights and title of First Nations in whose traditional territories Electra's projects are located. The consultation process is as unique as the protocols of each respective First Nation. Electra endeavours to negotiate fair impact and benefit agreements providing economic opportunities and social benefits.