Electra Stone Ltd. is building a vertically integrated public Nephrite Jade mining, trading & marketing company. Electra is focused on growth in the Global luxury dimensional jade markets utilizing a low cost, low waste method of extraction to bring a competitive jade product to consumers of luxury marble and unique stone products. Electra is proud to be working with Quartz Creek Developments and Dean Cloutier Luxury Designs to bring luxury Jade dimensional slabs and custom works to a global audience through the Companies new Joint Venture "Vancouver Jade".


For information on Vancouver Jade or questions regarding Luxury Jade Slabs or custom designed products please visit www.vancouverjade.com or contact dean@vancouverjade.com 

Mining & Exploration




Shipping & Manufacturing

Jade is cut into dimensional blocks and sent to Vancouver for sale or further processing. Jade is sold in multiple forms with increasing price points from raw blocks to finished luxury goods. As the Jade is further processed its value and potential use in additional markets increases In Vancouver the jade is cut into dimensional slabs and polished for final preparation in stone and tile markets.




Marketing & Sales

Working with our partner DPC Luxury Design, finished jade products will be produced and sold into luxury stone, tile and furniture markets in British Columbia and China.